the season has changed 

it moves unwind

i can see it with my ears

i can taste it with my eyes

suddenly it tell stories

stories about hapiness and aches

days swallowed by the deep chill

and when nights show its will

the time write with its own ink

a story that no one can imagine

no one can predict the future

none can tell the fortune

people run, people screem

why can it just stoped for a while ?

but its useless

the time ticks away

dust of memories set in

and blew away by tommorow wind

mysteries undiscovered

seems like nothing going to last forever

all we have is now

not tommorow

not yesterday

future is not ours to see

and the past is not ours to fix

what do we do now ?

are we who we want to be ?

dont waste the time

in the end we will understand

Time is a luxury that we dont have much 


                                                   - end -

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